East Londons Dream Wall

In a fence marking the boundary of the church of St Johns in East London’s Bethnal Green is what has been dubbed the East End’s answer to the Wailing Wall.  Inside many of the holes of the mesh are a whole load of little multi-coloured rolled parchments.  The parchments are there for anyone, of any faith or none to record their hopes or dreams, to offer a prayer or just a thought.  The intention is that the papers will then be gathered up and anonymously read out in the church in an attempt to capture the thoughts of what is a very diverse community.

The church in question is just opposite the Bethnal Green tube station and if you look carefully at the picture below, amidst the little rolled up pieces of mulit coloured paper, you can see the underground sign peeping through.  I was attracted to this fence initially because of it’s beautiful colours but having looked deeper I was attracted by the thought process it represents, that of bringing together communities.  I wonder how many of these parchments when they are read out will actually be quite similar and how many will show that no matter how diverse our communities appear, actually when it comes to hopes and dreams we are all pretty similar.

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