We run faster than you Ussain Bolt

Yes I know ‘Ussain’ is spelt wrong but to be fair that is the wording of the framed messages which recently appeared on the towpath of the Lea Navigation near to the junction with the Hertford Union Canal.  Each word is contained within it’s own frame which when stuck onto the wall makes the sentence ‘We run faster than you Ussain Bolt’, absolutely no idea who ‘we’ are but it’s certainly an interesting addition to an area of Hackney Wick which is becoming rich in street art.  Just round the corner from said sentence is also a recent work from CityZen Kane who has attached one of his incredible sculptures to the towpath wall and continuing down the path to the lock a great deal more art can be seen.  Back to the framed sentence though, I wonder if many more might pop up although hopefully if they do the spelling will be a bit better.

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